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Projecting a movie means to “install”: the viewers are installed in front of a battlefield, nay a problem-solving field. We can watch movies in cinemas or online: thus, in different battlefields with different ways of involvement in the world building process.

Here, there are aggressions and guards, unjust struggles, rebellion and treason… For us every projection shall be a guerrilla warfare, a nomadic adventure.


WUXU organizes thematic cine-forum sessions on various arguments, followed by related discussion. We had already closed three cine-forum seasons, and the forth season is coming soon in September 2109...

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​4th Edition: Madness and Civilization

Coming soon in September……


3rd Edition: China Images

20 Oct - 14 Dec, 2018

The third scheduled edition, “contemporary Chinese images”, focuses on the process of modernization in China. Our debate is about cinema as a storyteller of history  and as an artistic language.

//Download the Italian subtitle of Dislocation

//Download the Italian subtitle of I'm your father


2nd Edition: Language and Cinema

13 May, 2017 - 23 Mar, 2018

In this edition, on the one hand, we've choose several leaders of cinema language experiments, on the other hand, we've choose topics from diverse field: dancing, performance, BDSM, deconstruction philosophy. We're willing to see from the rich features of cinema language we can transform watching to producing.


//Download the Chinese subtitle of Derrida


1st Edition: Cinema Italiana 1940s - 1970s

4 Mar - 6 May, 2017

There are two parts in the first edition, the first part is about social change in Italy, the second part is video art. 

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