Workshop in 2 October 2021 during Seta Festival at Prato

We all carry stories in our hearts: stories that leave a mark, in which we can recognise ourselves, yet which are difficult to tell. Melodies and sounds sometimes ignite fragments of memory capable of assigning extraordinary meanings to ordinary places.

Our intention is to reconstruct stories through memories and emotions, scents and flavours, in a public space where we can tell our past in a confidential way.

Together with the participants, we will walk along the streets most lived by the citizens of Sinopratia, discovering the places most closely linked to their lives and work. On our way we will meet some people of Chinese origin who will tell their story, their version of the "parallel city". They will do so starting from memory: personal fragments linked to their migratory experience that for the first time will find a public dimension.

This journey is like a list of songs in a stereo, we will "play" with our steps the city of Prato and its stories.



Jin Fansong, filmmaker

Wang Yihan, visual artist

Zheng Ningyuan, visual artist

The artist‘s book of Yizhongren is arrived!


Artist's book

Year: 2022

Author: WUXU ​

Language: Chinese/Italian

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