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First field research

30 June - 3 July 2019

We are very delighted to launch this project and to gather the researchers at this special time in Prato. We have prepared a series of different types of materials that provide a little background on the city in terms of history, politics, culture and art. On this basis, we designed an itinerary of three days and two nights, which included locale cultural organizations, researchers and  artists who played an important role in the composition of the cultural environment of Prato; we have also promoted an urban mapping to get an overview of the quartiere and of the labor and daily life of some communities, especially the Chinese one.

Each member responsible for the organization of work plays the role of researcher at the same time, with its own fields and interesting personalities.

We will organize a meeting after this trip and we hope everyone will get together, including those who have not participated in the site. The goal is to design and develop the next phase of research, database and production of individual / group projects. WUXU will continues to support researchers with organization, technical support and resources.

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