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Cristina‘s Journey

Workshop in 10 October 2020 during Seta Festival at Prato/ Video production in 2021

Cristina reached Prato one day in June. A homeless person, not much was known about her, only that she was coming from Padua.

From the 'mystery of Cristina', as the newspapers wrote, to the difficulties of communication with the Chinese community, the epidemic has further complicated our life trajectories, forcing us to confront absence: absence of individual stories, absence of communication between people, absence of inhabitants in the city.

Prato represents for many Chinese citizens the place understood as 'home', where a mixed and heterogeneous community is confused and lost in the industrial, commercial and residential areas. Perhaps for Cristina, Prato was also home for a moment.

In this activity, the WUXU association and the participants will walk together along the streets most experienced by the citizens of Sinopratesi, discovering the places most closely linked to their lives. This "pilgrimage" will allow the group to revitalise fading energies, re-examine the spaces between people and confront their absence.

Before returning to the Red Zone in Italy, we had the opportunity to do a workshop in Prato with the students of the Cicognini High School: 

the search for the missing homeless girl Cristina. After the workshop, we turned it into a complete videoart work.


The workshop consisted of four parts:

1, warm-up theatre; 

2, urban walk with stickers; 

3, love buy and sell; 

4; sharing theatre.


Five artists and researchers:

Ding Yujie, fashion designer, PhD candidate of IUAV 

Jin Fansong, filmmaker

Wu Di, Theatre artist 

Wang Yihan, visual artist

Zheng Ningyuan, visual artist

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