In the second edition of SCRITTURA COLLETTIVA (writing in cooperation) we'll establish a writing group with invitation, at the same time, the group is also open applying. 

fiabe —— curtain —— ineffabilità —— soggettività spezzata —— eterotopia, there will be five terms of writing about these topics, synchronous online/offline experiments, from writing in in a narrow sense to extralinguistic writing, from fairy tales to lying party, the border of writing is vanishing.

Coming soon in September.....





NOI INCONTRO, o NO INCONTRO(we/meet, or not/meet)

Language, coneccted closely with body, take root inside the body. We gaze the language out of it, and start here we began to write.


From futurism to visual poetry, the forme of writing has changed a lot. We've invited people with different culture and profession to write in Italian.  NOINCONTRO is a cooperate writing project, with over 30 pieces inside.

To meet with the language itself, with the country, with rough expression or not.


​//to тopiГ