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The Big Screen: ​Cinema and Movement 68‘ in Italy

AMNUA International Project III: Big Workout

In Italy fiftyyears ago, amidst a global tide of social movements, film transformed the tools that made spectacles into weapons that would destroy them. A group of courageous intellectuals and artists attacked discourses that represented power to create a new language. Intellectuals and workers gathered together and Italian Workerism was born.


As currenttechnologies shape bodies and nature, there are broad links between cities and villages in different cultures, which has allowed us to experience an era inwhich spectacles have changed rapidly. As a result, we boldly envision that, in the not-too-distant future, we will welcome a new form of society and freedom.All revolutions and social movements have their singularity. We attempted tocapture the contemporary spirit and the singularity of Movement ’68 in Italy,while keenly maintaining independence of thought and action.

L'ora del FucilePino Masi
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