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​тopiГ works on publishing, independent publish, art book, translation and recommendation, online publishing. 

Based on the cooperation with publishing house, тopiГ is bringing Italian books into Chinese world with new experience.

In the field of independent publishing and art book, other projects of WUXU will be presented in form of books. Otherwise, through participating art book fairs in China and Europe, тopiГ is willing to promote the communication of independent publishers.

Using the tools of online media like WeChat channel WUXU, Weibo @投笔厂, and our website, тopiГ is bringing the production from writers and translators to readers freshly. Include contemporary poetry, literature critical, contemporary capitalism critical and other original content.

Wether stamping on paper or display on screen, тopiГ will continually standing by your side and talking with you.


Che cos'è reale?
​Author: Giorgio Agamben
Translator: Wen Yan
Language: Chinese
In collaboration with Paideia


Author: WUXU
​Language: Chinese/Italian


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