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The Italian writer Manganelli has before discussed the concept of “traveler”: we want to recall this concept, though in a slightly different way, to define a night traveler of knowledge; he is not on the path to an interior happiness or maybe he is not contented with an happiness which the others prepared for him; he – or her – may be angry or may feel an emptiness of sense in things and eventually turn into a lonely traveler in Hell.


The winter night traveler, to quote Italo Calvino’s famous book as a metaphor, in its process to follow a book, will come over other wonderful books. The night traveler of knowledge will come over a wonderful odyssey in books, filling in the the gap between different knowledges, the Eastern and the Western.


In this editorial program, WUXU focuses on Chinese and Italian books, mainly about the history, political sciences, literature and arts fields, translating and publishing them respectively in the other language. Our aim is to offer readers an extensive range of high-quality content books and to build a deeper communication between the two different cultural contexts.

Communication itself is a way of cultural production.

In its search for a way to express its modernity, China is turning to the Western thought, while Eastern culture is well suited to gain new land in the Western cultural environment: this could eventually lead to a new wave of artistic and intellectual creativity, as it was with Manganelli and his look towards the East.


In this section of our Liber Stylus Fabrica (lit. “craft house of pens and books”), besides the translation and publication project, we want to include a “writing” project, promoting self-publishing and online publishing especially with a regard to our other projects, and turning writing (latu sensu) into a real mean to build our knowledge network.

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